Writer and Lifestyle Editor

  • Articles, essays, and interviews for leading magazines, websites, and media outlets.
  • Original marketing and branding content for creative agencies, brands, businesses, and individuals.  
  • Contemporary art and design focused editorials and commissioned texts.
  • Special features on creative individuals and companies.

Creative Retail Projects

  • Curated retail projects designed to fit each client's vision, space, and budget.
  • Oversight of all project details from contracts and consignments to shipping and installation.
  • Emphasis on lifestyle with an interest in craft, design, fashion, artist books & limited editions. 
  • Development of marketing and media strategies either in collaboration with existing marketing and PR teams, or independently. 

Art/Design Consulting & Project Management


  • Consulting on acquisition of contemporary art & design objects for private & commercial clients. 
  • Individually tailored proposals which honestly consider the clients budget and include artist & designer profiles, extensive research, market analysis & evaluation. 
  • Collection management services including database development, insurance and storage concerns.
  • Management of site specific commissions.
  • On hand service for contracts, invoicing, & shipping.